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Thelecraft is a classic Minecraft mod pack based on Minecraft 1.7.10, previously used on Asterion Minecraft (2012-2016) and the Chimerion private server (2016-2019). It was rebranded in May 2022 due to Ruby's transition.

After the shutdown of the public server, the mod pack stopped receiving official support. As a result, it has effectively been archived/shelved. Downloads of the mod pack continue to be made available here so that you can browse old worlds and "relive the magic", but no further updates are planned. Minor hotfixes may be applied sporadically at Ruby's discretion, but are not guaranteed (she very rarely plays Minecraft these days).

Support is available via Discord (@theleruby) but all support requests will be treated as low priority.


The rebranded launcher is now live. You can download it below.

Please note that for technical reasons the old launcher bootstrap isn't able to install this new version, so you will have to update manually.

Download Links

Windows: ThelecraftLauncher.msi

The bootstrap for Windows should be compatible with Windows 7 and later (although it has only been tested on Windows 10).

This is an MSI installer, so you can just open it and you'll get an install wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Java is not required for this version (the launcher installs its own local copy of Java 8 on Windows).

If you already have the old launcher, you should install this new one to a different folder to avoid issues with file clashes.

Mac and Linux: bootstrap.jar

The bootstrap for Mac and Linux isn't tested very often, but worked last time Ruby tried it (although this was several years ago). Use at your own risk.

You must run this using JRE/JDK 8. JavaFX/OpenJFX 8 must also be installed already. Newer versions of Java aren't supported (either by the launcher OR the mod pack) and probably won't work.

On Mac, the launcher, mod pack and save data will go into the Application Support folder.

On Linux, the launcher will install in the same folder as jar file so you'll have to manally put the jar file in its own dedicated install folder.

Should I use the stable or unstable/bleeding version of the mod pack?

Stable. Stable. Not bleeding. Stable. Not unstable. Stable. Not indev. Stable.

What if I'm still using the old launcher?

The old launcher has officially been discontinued and will no longer install the mod pack (although it can still play existing installs for now). You are strongly advised to migrate to the new launcher ASAP so that you can continue to receive updates.

An in-place upgrade from previous versions of the mod pack is possible (including migrating save data), but the upgrade method is non-obvious. For instructions, please ask Ruby and she will be happy to help you.

Does the new launcher support launching pre-Thelecraft mod pack versions?

Yes, although you need a special access code for the launcher to be able to install them (mostly to avoid unnecessary overpublicization of Ruby's pre-transition identity). If you want the access code, please ask for it. The vast majority of people shouldn't need it though.

What save files are compatible with the latest version of Thelecraft?

Anything from Exciting Eclair or later (released Sep 2014) should be supported without needing remapping. This should cover most old save files.

Saves from Delicious Doughnut 25.2 and from Vanilla Minecraft (up to 1.7.10) can also be loaded, but require remapping. This is handled automatically by the game, and you will be offered a world backup beforehand in case it fails or crashes.

Saves from Angel Cake, Battenberg, Chocolate Muffin and versions of Delicious Doughnut older than 25.2 can't be loaded in Thelecraft because no remapping data is available. However, they can be loaded in Delicious Doughnut 25.2 (although this requires remapping). If you have the legacy version access code, you can install Delicious Doughnut 25.2, load your save data there (which will cause a remap to 25.2) and then migrate it to Thelecraft (remapping again from 25.2 to the latest build). If you're not sure what to do then Ruby can help you.

Saves from Tekkit Classic 3.0.3 can be remapped to load in Thelecraft using 'lossy conversion' (anything that doesn't exist in Thelecraft will be replaced with the closest equivalent, or, if no equivalent exists, a dirt block). To use this feature, you must manually specify TEKKIT-CLASSIC-303 mapping key. Note that this doesn't work with any other versions of Tekkit, just Classic 3.0.3. (This remapping configuration exists just purely to load the Asterion Tekkitcraft world archive and isn't tested on any other save files)

Saves from other mod packs or from Minecraft 1.8 onwards aren't supported. The mod pack should block the loading of most 1.9+ saves now, but can't tell the difference between 1.7 and 1.8 saves, so please bear this in mind.

Is it safe to uninstall the old launcher once I've started using the new one?

Yes, as long as your save data has been copied or moved out of the old launcher's install folder.

You are advised to make 100% sure that you have your save data migrated to the new launcher and that it's definitely in the new launcher's software folder before uninstalling the old launcher. This migration doesn't happen automatically - you have to do it by hand. Using the import function isn't adequate if you imported the install in-place without moving it, either, since it'll still be in the old launcher's install folder and so still nuked when you uninstall the old launcher.

If you're not absolutely certain what you're doing then please feel free to ask Ruby for help and she will be happy to help you. She is not responsible if you don't ask for help and then accidentally delete your save files.

Is it possible to migrate from the Exciting Eclair Legacy Edition bundled with Asterion Launcher 2?

Wow, that's a blast from the past. Technically yes, but the in-place upgrade isn't supported from Asterion Launcher 2, because it's extremely old (it was kinda expected everyone had moved to version 3 of the launcher by now).

Install Thelecraft from scratch, and you should be able to move your save data to the new installation folder afterwards (you'll have to do this manually though).

Do you still have the Asterion Minecraft world archive?

Yes, although it's no longer linked on the public website. If you want a copy, please ask for it.

Some features that rely on external web services (bug tracker, wiki, official private server) don't seem to work. Why not?

Those services aren't currently running. Honestly, it's doubtful they will ever run again, as so few people now use the mod pack that it's unlikely to be worth the effort. If they do eventually go live again, the game and launcher should be able to find them automatically. Until then, these features won't work; this can be safely ignored.

Are you aware that Minecraft 1.7 is vulnerable to a Log4j2 JNDI exploit?

Yes, it has been patched. Originally the plan was to remove the JndiLookup class, but the game refuses to start doing that, so instead it was replaced with a dummy class that does nothing. This patch will be applied to all new installations or updates of Exciting Eclair, Fondant Fancy or Gorgeous Gateau.

If you launch the client with a vulnerable version, and have game updates enabled, the launcher will display an update being available that matches the same version you already have; clicking the update option will install the patch. Installation of this update is strongly advised for security and safety reasons.

Are you aware that some of the mod licenses are invalid?

This kinda comes with the territory given the age of the mod pack (impermissive mod licensing was a massive fiasco back in the 1.7 days which nearly destroyed both the modding community and the game itself). It's better to just ignore it and live with it.

Can you please change <X>?

Sorry, no further updates are planned.

Help, I have another question!

Ruby can be contacted for all other inquiries via Discord.

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