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Thelecraft “Gorgeous Gateau” 28.0.0 / r6047 (7 May 2022)

A new update is now available for Thelecraft (version 28.0.0, based on revision 6047). Patch notes for this version follow.

Introducing: Thelecraft

Those of you who’ve been following my life will be aware that I started a gender transition in March 2020. There are lots of complicated reasons behind my choice, but it’s enough for me to say here that I’m happier, healthier, and friendlier as a result of my transition, and most people agree that it was the right call for me. As a result, I intend this change to be permanent, and I changed my name legally to Ruby in March 2021 (adopting the new user handle of Theleruby in the process).

This causes a bit of a problem for me when it comes to maintaining my old projects, because my deadname is featured prominently in quite a lot of them. This is especially true of the Minecraft mod pack! Obviously I don’t want to keep seeing it, so I’ve taken the decision to republish my old work with my deadname removed. In some cases I’m having to rebrand the projects completely - this mod pack is one of those projects which got the rebranding treatment.

So, from today, the mod pack will now be called Thelecraft!

The mod pack’s new name of Thelecraft has been chosen in agreement with both Paul and Trevor and reflects part of a unified branding approach across all of my stuff, going alongside my new user handle of Theleruby. The bug tracker (when it’s done) will be called TheleDev; the TTD patchpack is being rebranded as TheleTTD; you get the idea.

Oh, and if you’re unsure about the pronunciation of “Thele”, the “ele” is pronounced like it is in the word “elemental”. I don’t want any more of this madness like we had with pronouncing Ginever - I’ll go even more insane! So yeah. Hopefully that straightens out that confusion before it begins :D

As part of the rebranding work, I took the opportunity to rebuild all of the tools used to build the mod pack, updating many of them. I’m now compiling with Gradle 4 rather than Gradle 2; with IntelliJ IDEA rather than Eclipse; I’ve got a fresh repository and a new toolchain and everything. I’ve effectively rebuilt the mod pack from the ground up to take advantage of the purge. Because of this the game’s now on a fresh code branch. The next one along in the original branch naming plan is Gorgeous Gateau, so that’s what I’ve used.

Now, without further ado, it’s time for me to present the first version of “Gorgeous Gateau” to you. Woo!

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Thelecraft Theming


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General notes

If you have any custom texture packs and created textures for any of the custom blocks or items that are unique to Thelecraft, you will have to patch them to rename the folder (the new folder name is, appropriately, thelecraft).